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Reader Comments on Blueeyedboy

Never has one of my books received such a “Marmite” reaction. Love it or hate it? What kind of reader are you?

Sarah Hardie

... authors will on hearing the name Joanne Harris probably think Chocolat. ... This is how I found Blue Eyed Boy and let me tell you, it was a surprise

Angel Magazine

… finely wrought and intricately nuanced…

Mr T. Heald (via Amazon)

“A nasty piece of work.”

Henry Sutton (Daily Mirror)

Beware unreliable narrators (there are two here) along with a huge plot twist at the end. Harris's prose is certainly powerful enough for the job. But don't expect an easy – or comfortable – ride.

Emma Lee-Potter (Daily Express)

…it terrified the living daylights out of me.

Geoff Braterman (via Amazon)

If you are of a sensitive disposition, easily offended or shocked perhaps Blue Eyed Boy is not for you. For everyone else, this is one of the most thrilling, challenging and ultimately exciting novels ever written. Read it!

Melissa Katsoulis (The Times)

Harris can draw the essence of a character with a few devastating lines, and B.B.’s weird mother — a spiky, mercurial piece of work with a collection of china dogs as huge and lovingly tended to as her grief over her two dead sons — is menacingly memorable.

A. Winter (via Amazon).

“ …weird, disturbing... set me wondering how her mind works to create such a plot...”

Teresa (Lovely Treez book blog).

I loved the whole unsettling process! It’s very refreshing to not have everything set out in black and white and handed to you on a plate but to come to your own conclusions whilst being thrown the occasional red herring, or is that just your mind playing tricks on you… Definitely an A* from me.

Penny Mumford (via Amazon).

…some of the best stories haunt you for ages, resurfacing at odd moments and make you question your life as you know it, this is one such book and for me emulates the feelings I had as a child after reading the real Grimm’s fairy stories - fear, excitement, wariness and yet greed for more of the same.

Jemima Valentino .

I have read some intense books this year, and have loved many, but Blueeyedboy jumps to the top of the pile. Now this book is inside my head, I don't think it will ever leave.

Philippa Logan (Oxford Times).

Unquestionably a masterpiece of deception and fantasy…

G. Lintott (via Amazon).

“I took one look at the synopsis on the cover and decided not to read it.”

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