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Review by Helen Brown in The Daily Telegraph

Review by Darlene Shatford on the Scroll in Space website

The Lollipop Shoes

Review by Mary Nersessian on CTV.TV (Canadian Television Website)

Sequel to "Chocolat" isn't quite as sweet

Short piece by Bharti Kirchner in the Seattle Times.

Magic in a Parisian candy shop

Short piece by Mary Popham in the Louisville Courier-Journal.

In Harris' world, only magic can make the difference

Short note by Sheryl Connelly in the New York Daily News.

'Chocolat' author signs books at Author's Symposium

Article/interview by Deidre Parker Smith in the Salisbury Post (Salisbury, U.S.A.).

Novelist builds upon rich flavor of 'Chocolat'

Interview by Nancy Gilson in the Columbus Dispatch.

Seconds: Joanne Harris serves up a mouthwatering sequel to "Chocolat."

Review by Brigitte Weeks in the Washington Post.

The sequel is as sweet as 'Chocolat'

Review by Carol Memmott from USA TODAY.

'Chocolat' Author Returns with a Dark Confection

Review by Martha Woodroof on the NPR (National Public Radio) website. Includes extract.

Information about The Girl with no Shadow from HarperColins

Description, reading guide, Joanne's recorded introduction, etc from the publisher's website.

Review of The Girl with no Shadow

Review by Hilary Williamson on the bookloons website.

The sequel is as sweet as ''Chocolat'

Review of The Girl with no Shadow by Carol Memmott in USA TODAY

"Browse Inside" The Girl with no Shadow

Facility to view inside the book from the US publisher.

Analysis of The Lollipop Shoes

Part review, part analysis from the Authortrek website - with lots of explanatory notes.

Articles in Norwegian

Håper på ny film med Depp og Binoche

Norwegian piece by Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian on The Lollipop Shoes and the possibility of its being filmed.