The #Storytime CD is available at last!

A sampler of four unpublished storysongs, narrated by me, and performed by me and the #Storytime Band. Available only from this website, or at one of our events.

Want one? Find out more about it here…

I’ve also upgraded my Ko-fi account, which means that I’ll be regularly posting hitherto unseen material to my Ko-fi patrons.  That may include: excerpts from works-in-progress; writing tips; unseen photographs – plus I’ll be taking requests for contributions from my regular supporters. If you’d like to get on board, make suggestions or benefit from offers of signed stuff, just check out my page at Ko-fi…


In other news, my absurdly talented daughter has opened a website offering editorial, manuscript evaluation, synopsis evaluation and writing coaching services. If you need any of these, you might consider checking out her website. I know I’m a little biased, but she’s very good and very thorough (and she has been well taught…) Check out her site at

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