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New for Easter!

The Little Book of ChocolatThe Little Book of Chocolat

For all those in need of a little indulgence . . .

Rich, moist black-and-white chocolate cake; dark, gleaming truffles; spiced hot chocolate with crème Chantilly and chocolate curls; Aztec chocolate orange cake and chocolate pudding with salted caramel sauce. The ultimate book of chocolate recipes to bring a touch of Lansquenet magic to your kitchen.

Gospel of Loki competition results

Can I say first how hard it was for me to choose only three winners . Your entries – stories, poems, songs, gifs, animations and artwork in all kinds of media – were all so good in their very different ways, so imaginative, colourful and original. Thank you for sending them – I’ve enjoyed every one.

However, the three winners, who will receive goodie bags and LOKI proofs are:

There are so many other great entries, but I only have three proofs of the book!

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