It seems as if January has passed by in a blur. Lots of things are happening (more details in the newsletter, if you’d like to subscribe to updates): including progress on THE STRAWBERRY THIEF, which is turning into quite a strange, dark tale, and lots of work with the band on what we are now calling the CROW SUITE (not just one storysong, but a whole set of them, based on A POCKETFUL OF CROWS.) If things go well with the Storytime CD, we might think about recording it, but right now you can only hear the music is you come to one of our shows. Bonnie is hard at work on pictures for the new novella, which for the moment I’m calling THE BLUE SALT ROAD. And the good folk at Gollancz are putting together my tour for THE TESTAMENT OF LOKI, which will be coming out in May, so it’s going to be a busy year! Charles Vess has been working all last year on illustrating the anniversary edition of EARTHSEA, but has promised that he’ll start work on HONEYCOMB this year, which hopefully should give us a publication date of autumn 2019 – yes, I know it’s frustrating to have to wait, but that’s the price we have to pay if we want the best…

And speaking of the best, here’s another of Bonnie’s crows. She’ll be drawing one of these a week, so keep your prompt stories coming.¬† (600 words or less, remember!) You can send them to:¬†with the tag “52 CROWS.”


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