A series of short 10-15-minute YouTube videos on various aspects of writing, publishing and the book business, designed for you to dip into when needed, or to use as part of a writing course alongside my book, TEN THINGS ABOUT WRITING. Click onto the link for each session.

Giving Yourself Permission to Write. It can sometimes be daunting to call yourself a writer. But if you don’t acknowledge the work you do, how can you expect anyone else to?

Finding Your Space. Here I talk about carving out space and time for your writing, getting the support you need, and fitting your work into a manageable daily routine.

Building Your Plot. Discussing plot and story structure.

Sustaining Tension. Here I talk about the important of managing and sustaining tension in the writing of fiction.

Getting To Know Your Characters. Here I talk about the importance of effective characterization, and share a few tips on how to start getting to know your primary and secondary characters.

Creating a Sense of Place in Your Work. Place is at least as important as characterization in fiction. Here I talk about ways in which you can create a strong sense of place in your writing.

Dialogue.  Weak dialogue often lets down an otherwise good debut novel. Here I talk about ways in which to make your dialogue more effective.

Editing. In which I talk about the business of self-editing,  and what you might need to look for.

Getting Published. Here I talk about the submission process, being published,  having an agent, and how to avoid exploitation by vanity presses.

For Those Days When You Just Can’t. Whoever you are, whatever your enthusiasm, there are days when the dream machine doesn’t work. Here’s what to do when that happens.

Rejection. No-one likes rejection. But no-one can expect to avoid it. Here I talk a little about rejection, why it sucks, and why it’s a necessary step towards making progress.

Enough With the Bullshit, Already. In which I talk about the myth of “good” and “bad” books, and urge people to write (and read) for pleasure.

Show Me the Money! Here I talk about authors’ earnings, advances and royalties and why, in a booming industry, authors are paid less than ever before.

Writing Short Fiction. Here I talk about writing short fiction, and how it differs from writing a novel.

Writing Your Synopsis. If you’re planning to submit your novel to an agent or publisher, you’ll need to write a synopsis. Here are  some tips on how to make yours punchy and effective.

Creative Writing Courses. Will a creative writing course really help you get published? Some thoughts on the question here.

Commitment. Ever wondered why it’s so much easier to start a new project than to finish an old one? Here’s a session on the importance of committing to your project and sticking with it to the end…

Celebrate Your Achievements! In which I talk about the importance of celebrating your progress…

Voice: In which I talk about what voice means, and how to develop a unique voice of your own.
POV: the first person. One of three segments on writing point of view.
POV: The third person. The second of three segments on writing point of view.
POV: the second person. The last of three segments on ppint of view: discussing  the use of the second person perspective.
Tenses. In which I talk about how how your use of tenses feeds into POV and voice to create a strong narrative.

Writing resources

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