Q: What exactly is #Storytime?
A: It’s a kind of musical storytelling show , combining original music, songs, images and stories as part of an exploration of different forms of narrative. Basically, Jackanory, with drums.

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A magical retelling of my novella of the same name in music, story and songs, by me and the #Storytime Band.













Harris plays a mean flute, her band supply accomplished folk-prog textures, and surely there’s a concept album bursting to emerge from each enchanting story, of dream flowers, camel herders and undersea queens...” (Prog Magazine, August 2018)

Joanne Harris’ on Twitter always offers an oasis of magic online (and sometimes some trenchant allegory). Storytime Live carefully builds on the framework of the tales, bringing the band she’s been part of since her teenage years to perform at venues and festivals around the country. But the live version isn’t simply story with music tacked-on – something that’s been part of storytelling for centuries – but a completely fresh, integrated whole that merges story, music and song into a new whole. . (Chris Nickson)

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