Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazingly talented illustrators. Meet them here!

Bonnie Helen Hawkins

Bonnie is the illustrator of A POCKETFUL OF CROWS, THE BLUE SALT ROAD, and ORFEIA.

Here’s her website. Check out her shop, too!

And here’s more about working with Bonnie, how we met and why I love these illustrated projects of ours.

Charles Vess

Charles is the illustrator of my book HONEYCOMB, as well as many other projects.

Check out some of his other work here!

Here’s a piece on how we came to work together.

Moose Allain

Moose is a frequent contributor to various publications, including Private Eye and the Literary Review, as well as being one of the highlights of my Twitter feed. He is also the illustrator of my self-help book, TEN THINGS ABOUT WRITING. His simple style and joyous wordplay never fail to lift my day.

Find out more about Moose and his art here!