QAFs: Questionable Assumptions Adopted as Fact

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QAFs: Questionable Assumptions Adopted as Fact

So – how well do you think you know me?

There are so many misconceptions about me and my books that I thought I’d try to put the record straight once and for all. You’ve seen the list of FAQs – now read the QAFs – Questionable Assumptions adopted as Fact by readers with an axe to grind and certain members of the Press.

I hate Christians

No, I don’t. Nor do I hate the Catholic Church, organized religion or any other kind of religious group. What I do hate is intolerance, repression, moral superiority, the concepts of original sin, holy war and eternal damnation, plus the various acts that certain individuals are willing to perpetrate in the name of their religion, certain that God is on their side. And no, I wasn’t brought up by nuns, either. Which leads us to…

I’m obviously some kind of an occultist/Wiccan/pagan/New Age-ist (insert spiritual gang name here)

Actually, I don’t belong to any gang, political, religious or otherwise. And I’m allergic to words that end in –ist. But if you want to know in more detail why I mistrust patriarchal religions, read this… 

I live in France/I divide my time between France and England

No, I don’t. I live in Yorkshire, where I was born. I go to France maybe a week or two in a year, if I’m lucky.

My great-grandmother was a witch and a healer

No, she wasn’t. But she did have an odd reputation, and enjoyed making fun of the gullible.

All my books are… (insert sweeping generalization here)

All of them? Oh, please. If you’re going to make generalizations about my books, then for pity’s sake, read them first! There is no “typical” Joanne Harris novel. I can’t and won’t tell my readers what to expect. What’s more, I wouldn’t want to. I respect them far too much to assume that their tastes are limited to one particular genre.

I’m a chocoholic

Actually, not so much as people might think. Although I do like chocolate, I’d much rather munch on anchovy toasts.

I’m a fabulous cook

Er – no. I’d rather do fiction.

I was born in France/lived in France during my early childhood

No. Not unless by “ France”, you mean “ Barnsley”. Although French was my first language.

Chocolat was my first novel

In fact, it was my third. The Evil Seed and Sleep, Pale Sister were published about ten years before Chocolat became a success.