Runemarks: Fingerings

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Many of you have asked for physical rune fingerings as well as written rune shapes. Here they are – some need both hands, but most are performed with the left hand only (unless you want to cast them reversed, in which case, use the right hand). Use them with care!

Here they are. Click on a photograph to see a larger image.

Fé: Cattle, successPoint the rune at wherever you need it to work most; a piece of homework; your wallet; yourself.
Úr: The Mighty OxMake a fist, then pull it towards you for added strength in your purpose.
Thuris: the Thorny OneFor protection, bring your hand across your body. For a more aggressive defence, level it at your attacker.
Ós: the AesirMake the rune shape, then move your hand slowly away from your body, keeping your palm facing outwards.
Raido: The JourneymanMake the rune shape, then shake your hand loosely once or twice at the wrist
Kaen: WildfireLoki’s rune – use it with care!
Hagall: The DestroyerThere are several fingerings of this rune. Use this one to push outwards at an attacker.
Naudr: The BinderMake the rune shape, then slide the thumb across the palm a couple of times, touching the fourth finger with the ball of the thumb.
Isa: IceJust extend the finger of the left hand, as if you were pointing at something. To reverse, use the right hand to point away from the frozen area.
Ár: PlentyLeft hand extended palm-upwards, as if holding out a gift.
Yr: The ProtectorThree fingers extended, hand moving towards the body for protection.
Sól: The SunFingers spread, palm facing outwards.
Tyr: The WarriorAlmost as if you were making a gun barrel with your fingers…
Bjarkán : Revelation, dreamLook closely through the circle made by your fingers – and concentrate!
Madr: Mankind, the FolkHands linked, palms facing up, to strengthen a fellowship.
Logr: WaterThumb across the palm, just touching the little finger. Move the thumb slowly across the palm several times. To find water, hold a hazel twig loosely in this hold. Walk slowly across the area. When the end of the twig drops, you can start to dig…