The French Market

The French Market is co-written by Fran Warde and follows on from The French Kitchen.

Special Notice: Unfortunately in some editions there are a couple of misprints. The temperature to cook the croissants at should read 225°C not 225°F and the ingredients for Anouchka’s Chocolate Cake should read 2 ounces bittersweet chocolate and 2 tablespoons butter.

Availability: Recently it has been getting difficult to find physical copies of this book, but all the recipes are available right here, on ckbk…

During the preparation of the book, Fran Warde sent this message:

“We had an amazing week together researching recipes and food for our next cookery book, near the pretty village of Nerac, which is surrounded by rich and fertile land and every inch is farmed. Wheat, barley, sunflowers, tomatoes, grapes surrounded us along with ducks, geese, goats and, as Joanne introduced me to, caramel cows, which her mother always called them!”

The BBC joined us for a day of filming on this massive sand dune near Arcachon. We had great fun running down it and then Joanne and I produced a picnic on the beach, to be photographed by Debi Treloar for our next cookery book.

This was followed by the most exhilarating swim in the Atlantic, it was fresh and full of power and made us both smile.

The markets were a treat to gather produce in and we had great fun shopping according to what looked fresh, seasonal and tasty. One evening we visited the sweet village of Vianne where they had a very informal market and bar, I loved this idea of a party being thrown with no individual having to do all the hard work.

It was great to spend time together and talk about food, France and days gone by, as this is where Joanne spent holidays as a child. After a few weeks back in London, I am already yearning for a glass of Floc, some duck and a friendly smile and folk tale from one of the locals.”

Here are a few more snapshots from the week:

Joanne and Fran together with the BBC team.

A Typical BBC camera man!

Cheese stall in a wonderful French market

Heading out for a picnic at Arcachon