How The Light Gets In – Hay on Wye


21/05/2015 - 31/05/2015    
All Day


How The Light Gets In
Newport Street, Hay on Wye, HR3 5BG


6pm  IMAGINARY DELIGHTS – What place is left for imagination in our age of reason? Chocolat author Joanne Harris delivers delicious new fantasies.   Venue: Ring


9am OPEN PLATFORM: Breakfast – Indulge your sweet tooth and your mind – join Chocolat author Joanne Harris to discuss the importance of imagination in life.  Venue: Hat

12noon  INNOCENCE AND KNOWLEDGE Joanne Harris, Tim Lott, Meg Rosoff. Jonathan Derbyshire hosts.   We protect the innocence of children from the knowing adult world. Yet we see knowledge as a good thing. Is the innocence of childhood a mistaken fantasy? Should we awaken children to the adult world as quickly as we can, or guard for them the access to magic and wonder which we have lost?  Venue: International Tent

4pm  STRANGE NEW WORLDS Paul Boghossian, Terry Eagleton, Joanne Harris. Jonathan Derbyshire hosts.   From writing to art, the intense to the light hearted, imagination transports us to untold fantasy worlds. Yet Picasso claimed “everything you can imagine is real”. Should we dismiss this as the overblown claims of a celebrity artist, or might what we take to be reality actually be the product of imagination?   Venue: International Tent

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