#Storytime: A Pocketful of Crows

This piece is longer than any of our storysongs, but it works in a similar way; blending narrative, music and songs into a thirty-minute suite. I guess you’d call it a concept album: you can listen to it alongside the book, or treat the two as independent works.

















Here’s a review by Chris Nickson: he was a music reviewer for a number of publications for a long time, and his kind words mean a lot to me.

“Musically, it’s prog rock, but that’s what the band does. It’s their forte and this time out they’ve used it so well, with moments the swell into epic grandeur. Everything flows and evolves quite beautifully. The title track makes for a superb climax – with its catchy chorus it veers close to being a pop song – before the slow, slow fade that’s filled with lovely, autumnal change.”