Out on November 16th!

In folk tales and ballads, as well as in life, women are often given roles that enable the hero’s journey, without having a journey of their own. The three stages of womanhood – maiden, mother and crone – are all viewed through the lens of what a woman can offer to men. The Maiden is either the hero’s reward, or the monster’s victim – both roles are dependent on her virtue and her desirability. The Mother (who can also take the role of the Wicked Stepmother) exists either to nurture her son, or send him into the wilderness; and the Crone (or her malignant double, the Witch), offers either wise advice, or a challenge to be met. In all three instances, the woman exists to serve the hero, to offer him what his story needs. Rarely do we hear the woman’s story, and even then, it’s a cautionary tale for women to guard their virtue, respect their husbands, obey their fathers, submit to men.
Not this time.
This omnibus edition of my three novellas comes with a new introduction from me, three new short stories set in my HONEYCOMB world, plus all Bonnie’s beautiful illustrations.
It’s out now, and look how gorgeous it would look under a loved one’s Christmas tree…
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I’m not doing many official events around this new release, but if you’d like a signed, dedicated bookplate to put inside your copy, just buy me a coffee on ko-fi to pay for postage, and send your details to me at enquiries@joanne-harris.co.uk.

Or you could order a signed first edition from Goldsboro Books in London – and yes, they do ship abroad…