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The Moonlight Market is out in the wild!

What a pleasure it is to finally welcome THE MOONLIGHT MARKET into the world!

And here we were this week, launching the new book at the lovely Word on the Water in King’s Cross. With many thanks to everyone who was there, and for Hire-a-Dancer for providing  the butterflies….



Urban moths have evolved to blend in with a world of concrete and stone, rather than a woodland environment.
What if fairies did the same?

Have you ever felt as if you were not quite a part of this world? As if the reality you knew were only a shadow of something else, waiting to reveal itself, like a photographic negative? Have you ever been in love – a love beyond doubt, beyond question? A love that feels impossibly old, though her face is that of a stranger?

Coming on July 2nd. Pre-order it here!

Or order an exclusive signed copy from an independent bookshop near you…

And to celebrate the launch of the new book, here’s BROKEN LIGHT for just 99p on Kindle UK for the rest of the month!

25th Anniversary of CHOCOLAT

Would you believe it, CHOCOLAT celebrates its 25th anniversary this month! And to mark the occasion, Penguin are re-releasing the books with these gorgeous new covers…



And to mark the celebrations, BLACKBERRY WINE will be on special offer on Kindle UK for just 99p until the end of March!

And, coming soon…


Have you ever felt as if you were not quite a part of this world? As if the reality you knew were only a shadow of something else, waiting to reveal itself, like a photographic negative? Have you ever been in love – a love beyond doubt, beyond question? A love that feels impossibly old, though her face is that of a stranger?

Out July 2024.

Pre-order it here!

BROKEN LIGHT in paperback!

Coming out in paperback in March!

Imagine if Carrie White had suppressed her paranormal abilities.

Imagine if she’d lived a normal life: a house, with a husband, a son, a job in an indie bookshop. Not a very happy life, but a normal, boring, suburban life in a busy part of London. 

Now imagine if her powers emerged, not with puberty, but with – MENOPAUSE…

“Bold, brave and timely.” (Sarah Pinborough)

Order it here…


Out on November 16th!

In folk tales and ballads, as well as in life, women are often given roles that enable the hero’s journey, without having a journey of their own. The three stages of womanhood – maiden, mother and crone – are all viewed through the lens of what a woman can offer to men. The Maiden is either the hero’s reward, or the monster’s victim – both roles are dependent on her virtue and her desirability. The Mother (who can also take the role of the Wicked Stepmother) exists either to nurture her son, or send him into the wilderness; and the Crone (or her malignant double, the Witch), offers either wise advice, or a challenge to be met. In all three instances, the woman exists to serve the hero, to offer him what his story needs. Rarely do we hear the woman’s story, and even then, it’s a cautionary tale for women to guard their virtue, respect their husbands, obey their fathers, submit to men.
Not this time.
This omnibus edition of my three novellas comes with a new introduction from me, three new short stories set in my HONEYCOMB world, plus all Bonnie’s beautiful illustrations.
It’s out now, and look how gorgeous it would look under a loved one’s Christmas tree…
Order it here!
I’m not doing many official events around this new release, but if you’d like a signed, dedicated bookplate to put inside your copy, just buy me a coffee on ko-fi to pay for postage, and send your details to me at

Or you could order a signed first edition from Goldsboro Books in London – and yes, they do ship abroad…

Coming soon…

Look at this beauty!

A lavish omnibus of my three novellas, A POCKETFUL OF CROWS, THE BLUE SALT ROAD and ORFEIA, with gorgeous illustrations from Bonnie, plus a new introductory chapter from me, and three brand-new short stories, all set in the HONEYCOMB universe…

On sale from November 2nd. Pre-order your copy here!

Home at last!

At last, I’m taking a little break, after over a months’ touring for the new book. Thank you so much to everyone who bought, borrowed or reviewed BROKEN LIGHT: your support means so much to me, as do your blog posts and comments. I’m more or less done with touring right now, with a few events still to go throughout the summer, but I’m adding to my schedule all the time, so keep watching my Events page if you’d like to attend one.

However, taking a break from touring doesn’t mean I’m stopping work altogether. Right now, I’m just finishing copy-editing a new fantasy novel for Gollancz, as well as putting together the new bumper edition of my three folklore-inspired novellas (including three new short stories and an introduction from me), which will be coming out in November.

Till then, here’s a little piece for the Telegraph about mermaids in folklore and literature. Read it here…

Signed copies of BROKEN LIGHT for indies


Have you ever felt invisible?

Bernie Moon has given her life to other people: her husband, her son, her friends (who are these days, mostly online). At nineteen she was full of dreams and ambitions. Now, at nearly fifty, she often feels like she’s losing her mind.

But when a young woman is murdered in a local park, it sparks a series of childhood memories in Bernie and with them, a talent that has lain dormant most of her adult life.

She promised herself she’d never think of it again. When she was a teenager, it almost destroyed her. But now she’s older, could it be the power she’s been missing?

Could it be the chance to, finally, make them look?

BROKEN LIGHT is the unforgettable new novel from no.1 Sunday Times bestselling author, Joanne Harris.

Pre-order your copy of Broken Light SIGNED by Joanne Harris from participating Independent bookstores.


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Visit your nearest store or check out their website in order to pre-order!

Moonwalk, 2023

This month I’m starting training for a new venture very much out of my comfort zone; and I’ll need all the help I can get!

Welcome to MOONWALK 2023: a marathon walk, starting on London’s Clapham Common, in aid of cancer charity Walk The Walk.

I’ll be walking on May 2oth – at midnight, in my bra – with my team, the Bernie Moonwalkers. We’re aiming to raise £10,000 for charity. If you’d like to support us, either by donating, sharing, or just cheering us on, you can do it right here. I’ll be updating regularly, and there might be a chance to win some merch, get exclusive news – or even join us on the night! The team at Orion are sponsoring 5 people to walk with us – so if you think you’d like to, click here to check it out!









I always start to feel more alive once February gets into double figures. And the ice is starting to move at last on some long-frozen projects, including a summer book I shelved at the start of winter, but which is beginning to show signs of green shoots again. I’m also doing more in-person events for the SOA and the ALCS, including attending the SOA Translation Prizes at the British Library last year. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for giving me the chance to discover so many amazing new authors. The #Storytime Band and I just did a gig in Ravenscourt, London, alongside the stellar John Hackett Band: we had a great time, it was a terrific audience, and it gave us the morale-boost we needed to start recording the new CD. Watch this space! BROKEN LIGHT now has a jacket design, and my publicity team at Orion is working on the book tour in May; I’ll be adding dates between now and then, so if you’d like to attend and event, check out if there’s one in your area. And I’m doing something else, too – something very much out of my comfort zone. I’m keeping quiet about it for the moment, but I’ll be free to talk about very soon.

And as Valentine’s Day approaches, and if, like me, you’d rather stay in and read a book, here are a couple of special offers:

FIVE QUARTERS OF THE ORANGE and HOLY FOOLS, both for just 99p on Amazon Kindle UK. Enjoy!

And for fans of short stories and fantasy, do watch out for this book, in which my little story is in most excellent company…



Save the date!

On February 11th, 2023, the #Storytime Band and I are playing in London alongside the  John Hackett Band at Ravenscourt Arts, 7, Ravenscourt Rd. London W6 OUH.

Doors open 7pm: everybody welcome.


Stories, original music, and more!

Details here.