Home at last!

At last, I’m taking a little break, after over a months’ touring for the new book. Thank you so much to everyone who bought, borrowed or reviewed BROKEN LIGHT: your support means so much to me, as do your blog posts and comments. I’m more or less done with touring right now, with a few events still to go throughout the summer, but I’m adding to my schedule all the time, so keep watching my Events page if you’d like to attend one.

However, taking a break from touring doesn’t mean I’m stopping work altogether. Right now, I’m just finishing copy-editing a new fantasy novel for Gollancz, as well as putting together the new bumper edition of my three folklore-inspired novellas (including three new short stories and an introduction from me), which will be coming out in November.

Till then, here’s a little piece for the Telegraph about mermaids in folklore and literature. Read it here…