Edge-Lit, YALC and beyond…

This month has been one of conventions: so thanks to everyone who came to my events at Edge-Lit and YALC: you were great, and your enthusiasm and energy were both delightful and boundless. At YALC, we saw the re-launch of RUNELIGHT, with a new chapter and some glorious new cover art by Andreas Preis: we also gave out early proofs of  A POCKETFUL OF CROWS – if you missed out, don’t despair; sign up to my new newsletter and you’ll soon be getting a chance to win a finished copy!


This month I’ll be working hard on editing THE TESTAMENT OF LOKI and drafting my new Vianne Rocher book: I know some of you have been awaiting this one patiently, but if all goes well, it should come out sometime in 2019. I’m also going on holiday – so shoot me, I need some down-time, and so do all of you.

In the US, DIFFERENT CLASS is about to hit the shelves in paperback: US readers can find it here. Watch this space for offers and giveaways over the coming few weeks.

Meanwhile, why not enter my Holiday Snaps Competition?

Will you be taking one of my books on holiday? If so, send a selfie of you and your book in your chosen reading location to: enquiries@joanne-harris.co.uk, and I’ll send one of you a prize. (Don’t forget to include your name and land address if you want to enter!)

Entries by September 1st: and I’ll announce the winner on here.