You are cordially invited to attend



Formerly St Oswald’s Grammar School for Boys, we invite you to join us to celebrate our long-awaited merger with our sister school, Mulberry House.

We are now extremely proud to welcome both boys and girls to our forward-thinking Academy.

Take a tour around our magnificent new sports hall, the Gunderson Building. Pay no attention to the body on the site of the new swimming-pool; be assured it will have been dealt with by the start of Michaelmas Term.

Have a cup of coffee with the new Head, Ms. Rebecca Buckfast. Yes, she is a woman, but you shouldn’t underestimate her.

We look forward to welcoming you on:

Wednesday 4th August 2021

On Wednesday, we smash the patriarchy.

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Dear Friends,

I am delighted to invite you to our very first Open Day as a co-educational Academy. Those of you who first knew us as St Oswald’s Grammar School for Boys may wonder what such changes will bring to an institution that has barely altered since the sixteenth century.

But the past three years have brought us a number of difficult challenges. We have lost two Headmasters, one of whom was a personal friend. We have seen the name of our School dragged through the pages of the Press. We have experienced scandal, disgrace and even murder in our ranks.

However, all that is behind us now. The introduction of girls to the School has given us new opportunities. Opportunities for change. Opportunities to build over the decay of the past. Did I say decay? Well, yes. I suppose that old business is preying on me. Every School has its skeletons, just as every Head has their secrets. Mine are rather darker than most, and will, I hope, stay buried. But I think my ability to survive makes me a better Head. Don’t you?

To make progress, it is sometimes necessary to face the need for radical change. To tear down, before we can build anew. Our new motto, Progress Through Tradition, reflects our commitment to build our new School over the bones of the old one.

It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Besides, tearing down complacent men, their values and their monuments is what you might call a hobby of mine.

Yours faithfully,

Rebecca Buckfast



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