Spring Awakening

With the change of the seasons, I can feel myself starting to come back to life. I’ve finished the first draft of my new book, and started to write another: it will be a long time before it’s finished, but it’s good to plant something now, and to feel it growing. It’s an excellent time for making new plans and devising new projects; change is in the air, and hope: and the promise of adventure.

I’ve just begun to advertise live as well as online events for this spring and summer: check where I am to find out if there’s something happening near you!

I recorded a radio show about runes a few month ago: it airs this Sunday. Details here.

And A NARROW DOOR is preparing to come out in paperback on May 12th: you can pre-order a copy here.


Plus, the Storytime Band and I are playing live at Seven Arts in Leeds on May 21st, alongside the John Hackett Band. We’ll be performing A POCKETFUL OF CROWS, plus stories and songs from HONEYCOMB, and we’ll be joined by a new band member, Duncan Parsons on bass, so do please join us if you can!